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BluBlu Studios is recognized as a global animation creative house renowned for its compelling narratives and artistic excellence. Founded by visionaries Jacob Kurek and Monika Kurek, the studio has become a home for art enthusiasts, dreamers, innovators, and creators. As a woman-owned and directors-driven entity, BluBlu, with its diverse team skilled in a broad array of styles, compositions, and narrative techniques, crafts content that resonates globally, focusing on social and environmental themes.

Central to its identity is a design philosophy that leverages visual storytelling to inspire, provoke thought, and stir emotions, ensuring each creation is both visually striking and deeply impactful.

BluBlu Studios’ significant impact on the animation industry was recognized during the Sundance Festival, where the documentary “Porcelain War” received a Grand Jury Prize. The film captures the complexity of the war in Ukraine through art beautifully animated by the studio.

Their repeated engagement with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars Academy) underlines its dedication to social advocacy, creating animations that confront inequalities and exclusion. Similarly, in its collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), BluBlu Studios produces animations advocating for environmental conservation and responsible behavior.
Beyond its artistic and documentary projects, BluBlu Studios' commercial division collaborates with prestigious entities such as The New York Times, Samsung, Lenovo, Universal Music, and top advertising agencies. This collaboration involves creating striking advertisements and communication pieces that stand out for their creativity and effectiveness. This aspect of their operation underlines BluBlu Studios' versatility and ability to blend artistry with commercial appeal.

Betty Buckley

Writer, producer, filmmaker

Tony Award winning Broadway Legend Betty Lynn Buckley wrote, produced and narrated “The Mayfly.”  She has starred in numerous Broadway shows including “Cats” and “Sunset Boulevard” in London and New York and is a Theater Hall of Fame inductee.   She has co-starred in many films including “Imaginary” for Blumhouse to be released in March 2024, “Split,” “Tender Mercies,” and “Carrie.” Television starring roles include “Law & Order: SVU”, “Preacher,” “Oz,” and “Eight is Enough.”  She has produced 18 albums with her band and is a two-time Grammy Nominee.

Sue Perrotto

director, co-executive producer, lead animator

Director, Co-Executive Producer and Lead Animator on The Mayfly, is a 4-time Emmy Nominee, whose prodigious career includes feature films (Beavis and Butt-head Do America; Pooh’s Heffalump Movie) and award-winning television series (Daria; Phineas and Ferb; Sesame Street; Mira, Royal Detective). She is currently a Director on Dan Harmon’s new, hit animated series, Krapopolis, as well as a Subject Matter Expert for New York University’s Animation Industry Essentials course.

Christian Jacob


Christian Jacob’s credits include scoring two major motion pictures for director Clint Eastwood, “Sully” and “The 15:17 to Paris”. He leads his own trio, The Christian Jacob Trio and co-leads the Tierney Sutton Band. The multi-Grammy nominated pianist and arranger has also been the musical director for Broadway legend Betty Buckley for over a decade.


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